Programs such as I CAN HELP are designed for students, faculty, staff, and other non-mental health professionals and are sometimes called gatekeeper training. This program has no ongoing licensing fees and has versions designed both for faculty/staff and students:

To order a printed version of the manual please click here.

Some organizations choose to incorporate the program as part of a longer training that includes other topics (e.g. expanded basic needs content, sexualized-violence prevention, mental health resources overview, etc.)

Materials are available for educational use at no cost (simply fill out the form below to receive everything you need), and train-the-trainer programs can be arranged for those who want more support for initial kick-off implementation. Please see below for more details and information on scheduling a train-the-trainer event.

I CAN HELP Content Overview (PDF) | This two page summary of the content areas is useful as an overview of the topics covered, to share with others if you are considering using the program on your campus, or to distribute when advertising a training event. You may also wish to direct them to this page, or share the table of contents from the full training manual.


You're free to download and use the materials; I ask that you please add your name and e-mail here to ensure you are notified of updates and are always using the current version.

To directly order a printed version of the manual please click here.


  • Training Manual (PDF)
    The approximately 170-page manual is designed to allow individuals with a wide range of backgrounds to provide the training to almost any audience. A link to the full training manual and other materials will be e-mailed directly to you after completing the form below. To order a printed version of the manual please click here.

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  • Data Worksheet
    The Data Worksheet makes it easy to quickly share key data relevant to your campus AND provides guidance on where to find campus specific micro-norms in widely used national data sets.

  • Participant Scenario Handouts
    Designed for distribution to participants every time you have an event, use these scenarios and included exercises to help facilitate integrative learning.


Three sets of ready-to-use presentation slides are available to trainers, one one set for 2-hour Essentials core program, and one for Advanced Topics & Skills that includes optional modules on specific topics you can easily insert as you choose. Please simply complete the quick form below to receive all of these materials. 

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Your information will not be shared or sold. You may receive limited notifications about content updates (usually less than one per semester). If you do not receive an email within 3 minutes, please be sure to check your "spam/junk folder" and mark the email address as safe to ensure you received future updates.

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