Q&A With Dr. Mistler


What shocks you most about therapy?

Over the past fifteen years, I have worked with thousands of clients on almost every topic you can imagine. At this point, nothing shocks me. Yet, I am constantly amazed by the courage my clients show in coming to our work, and the depth of their ability for resilience and change. It's a deep honor to get to be a part of facilitating this powerful process for the people who come to me; therapeutic work as a profession is a privilege I am grateful for every day. 


How should someone decide if a therapist is a good fit?

The relationship between the therapist and client (or patient) is different than almost any other. It's very personal. While there are certainly some really outstanding therapists, a few bads one, and a lot of middle-of-the-road decent ones, finding even an excellent one by itself isn't enough. You have to find a good fit. To do that, investigate. Look at client feedback. Talk to friends about their experiences. Read more about how they work and look for someone who shares some of your core worldview ideas or from who you think you can gain something. And, go a lot on feeling, but not entirely. When it's a good fit, there's usually an intersection of what your mind and heart are telling you.

Client Feedback

Dr. Mistler helped me understand myself and the reasons for my depression. After only a few sessions I found myself doing things I loved again, like painting, and the joy I remembered for years ago has come back. I’m grateful and telling friends. If you’re reading his site and thinking he may be a good fit for you, he probably is. Give it a try, sooner than later.
— Individual Therapy Client